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Statistical Process Control (SPC) Quiz

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1. What is the primary aim of Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

2. Which of the following is NOT a common type of control chart used in SPC?

3. In the context of SPC, what is meant by 'process capability'?

4. Which factor is NOT considered when determining the control limits for a control chart in SPC?

5. What statistical concept is fundamental to the creation of control charts in SPC?

6. Which of the following best describes a 'Six Sigma' process in terms of defects per million opportunities (DPMO)?

7. What role do 'Special Cause Variations' play in SPC?

8. What is the purpose of 'Process Improvement' in the context of SPC?

9. How does the 'Pareto Principle' relate to SPC?

10. What is a 'Type I error' in the context of SPC control charts?