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Meta-Analysis Mastery Quiz

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1. What does a meta-analysis primarily aim to do?

2. Which of the following best describes heterogeneity in the context of a meta-analysis?

3. What is a forest plot used for in meta-analysis?

4. In a meta-analysis, what is the significance of assessing publication bias?

5. Which statistical model in meta-analysis assumes that study effect sizes follow a normal distribution but can vary across studies?

6. What is the main purpose of conducting a sensitivity analysis in a meta-analysis?

7. Which of the following is an appropriate measure of effect size in a meta-analysis of clinical trials?

8. What does the I^2 statistic represent in the context of a meta-analysis?

9. Why is it important to include both published and unpublished studies in a meta-analysis?

10. Which of the following best defines the term 'effect size' in the context of meta-analysis?