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Statistical Software Quiz

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1. Which software is specifically known for its powerful capabilities in handling complex survey designs and analyses?

2. R is an open-source statistical software. What programming paradigm does it primarily follow?

3. Which of the following is a primary feature of SPSS?

4. Python is known for its versatility and usability across different domains, including statistics. Which library is primarily used for statistical analysis in Python?

5. In the context of statistical software, what does the term 'scripting' refer to?

6. SAS software is often used in industry for its robust data management capabilities. Which feature of SAS is particularly noted for facilitating large-scale data analysis?

7. Which software provides a platform for both statistical analysis and advanced graphics?

8. In terms of ease of learning for beginners, which statistical software is generally considered the most user-friendly?

9. What is the main advantage of using an open-source statistical software like R?

10. Which software is predominantly used for time series analysis among the options listed?