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Unimodal vs Bimodal Distributions Quiz

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1. What identifies a unimodal distribution?

2. In a bimodal distribution, what is true about the modes?

3. What is a common real-world example of a bimodal distribution?

4. Which of the following scenarios is most likely to produce a unimodal distribution?

5. Under which condition can a unimodal distribution become bimodal?

6. What statistical tool can help identify the modality of a distribution?

7. In terms of probability density function (PDF), how is a bimodal distribution characterized compared to a unimodal distribution?

8. Which of the following is a consequence of using a unimodal distribution to model a naturally bimodal dataset?

9. Which data representation technique is most effective for illustrating the difference between unimodal and bimodal distributions?

10. What phenomenon might cause a shift from a bimodal to a unimodal distribution over time?