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Site vs. Sight: Proper Usage Quiz

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1. When planning to build a new house, selecting the appropriate _______ is crucial.

2. The sunset offers a breathtaking _______ from the top of the mountain.

3. The archaeologists discovered an ancient _______ that contained ruins of a lost civilization.

4. The magician's performance was truly a _______ to behold.

5. Before publishing the article online, the writer needed to _______ all sources properly.

6. The tourists were eager to visit the historical _______ during their trip.

7. Losing one's _______ is a profound change that affects how one experiences the world.

8. The construction of the new shopping center will take place on this vacant _______.

9. Upon seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, visitors often comment on the majestic _______.

10. An emotional _______ awaited the soldier returning home after years abroad.