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Habitable Zone Quiz

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1. What is the habitable zone in astronomy also known as?

2. Why is the distance of a planet from its star important in determining its habitability?

3. Why is the presence of liquid water significant when considering habitability?

4. What are some of the key factors, apart from distance from the star, that might influence a planet's habitability within the 'Goldilocks Zone'?

5. What explains the discrepancy when a gas giant located within the 'Goldilocks Zone' is considered not habitable?

6. Based exclusively on the understanding of the habitable zone, would a star larger than our sun have a habitable zone that is:

7. On average, how does the width of the habitable zone throughout the galaxy change as the mass of the star increases?

8. Approximately how many exoplanets within the habitable zones of their stars have been discovered so far?

9. Based on our current understanding, what is the primary reason why Venus, which is located near the inner edge of our solar system's habitable zone, does not have liquid water on its surface?

10. In terms of solar mass, what types of stars are habitable zones largely found around and why?