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Asphyxia: Test Your Knowledge Quiz

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1. What is the primary cause of asphyxia?

2. Which of the following is a common symptom of asphyxia?

3. Which condition is closely related to asphyxia and involves an excess of carbon dioxide in the blood?

4. In the context of first aid, what is the immediate action to take for someone experiencing asphyxia due to choking?

5. Which age group is most at risk of asphyxia due to accidental suffocation in bed?

6. In cases of asphyxia related to drowning, what is the first priority in the rescue process?

7. How is asphyxia diagnosed in a clinical setting?

8. Which of the following could NOT generally cause asphyxia?

9. What is a preventative measure to avoid asphyxia during surgery?

10. What factor significantly increases the risk of asphyxia in a fire?