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Understanding the Popular Vote Quiz

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1. What does the term 'popular vote' refer to in elections?

2. In which of the following systems is the popular vote directly tied to the election outcome?

3. What is a common critique of using the popular vote to decide elections?

4. Which U.S. Presidential election is known for its significant difference between the popular vote and the Electoral College outcome?

5. What alternative voting system is frequently mentioned as a more representative way to use the popular vote?

6. How can high voter turnout affect the significance of the popular vote in an election?

7. In what type of electoral system does the popular vote not directly determine the winner?

8. What is one potential advantage of electing officials based solely on the popular vote?

9. Why might a candidate focus campaign efforts on densely populated areas in a popular vote system?

10. How does the popular vote differ from electoral votes in the United States presidential elections?