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Solar Nebula Quiz

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1. What is the solar nebula theory?

2. Which came first according to the solar nebula theory - the Sun or the planets?

3. What caused the dust and gas in the solar nebula to start collapsing into a solar system?

4. What are planetesimals, as described in the solar nebula theory?

5. What evidence supports the solar nebula theory?

6. According to the Solar Nebula theory, the temperature of the nebula played a crucial role in the formation of planetary bodies. Why?

7. What is the role of conservation of angular momentum in the Solar Nebula theory?

8. Why do we find heavier elements like iron and nickel in the inner planets compared to lighter elements like hydrogen and helium in the outer planets?

9. What typically happens to the leftover material that doesn't form into major planetary bodies during the nebula's collapse?

10. What does the term 'accretion' mean in the context of the solar nebula theory?