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Understanding Retreatism: A Multiple Choice Quiz

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1. What does retreatism, as a response to societal pressures, primarily entail?

2. Who is responsible for introducing the concept of retreatism in the theory of social strain?

3. Retreatism is considered a form of adaptation to social strain. Which of the following is NOT another form of adaptation identified by Merton in his Social Strain Theory?

4. In the context of social strain theory, how does retreatism differ from rebellion?

5. According to the concept of retreatism, what is the typical response of individuals facing unreachable societal goals with the legitimate means?

6. What societal phenomenon is closely associated with increased rates of retreatism?

7. In retreatism, individuals typically choose to

8. How is retreatism generally perceived in society?

9. Which of the following is a potential consequence of retreatism for the individual?

10. Retreatism often results in