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Ancient Contemporary Culture Hearths Quiz

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1. What is considered the 'Cradle of Civilization' due to its early development of agriculture and urban societies?

2. Which ancient civilization is known for developing one of the world's first major urban centers, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro?

3. Which region is recognized as one of the four ancient river valley civilizations alongside the Nile, Indus, and Yellow Rivers?

4. In which ancient culture hearth were the concepts of democracy and philosophical thought notably advanced?

5. The concept of zero, crucial for the development of mathematics and science, was first used by which culture?

6. Which culture is credited with the creation of the world's first written code of laws, known as the Code of Hammurabi?

7. What agricultural practice, vital for sustaining large populations, was pioneered by the Ancient Egyptians?

8. Which ancient civilization is known for constructing the Terracotta Army, an extensive collection of sculptured warriors?

9. The development of the calendar, which was crucial for planning agricultural activities, is primarily associated with which ancient civilization?

10. Ancient Sumer, known for the invention of the wheel and cuneiform writing, is located in which modern-day country?