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Pleural Effusion: Characteristics and Treatment Quiz

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1. What is the first step in the management of a patient suspected to have pleural effusion?

2. Which treatment is most appropriate for a patient with transudative pleural effusion due to congestive heart failure?

3. What is the primary goal of thoracentesis in the treatment of pleural effusion?

4. Which of the following is NOT a common cause of exudative pleural effusion?

5. What is the main purpose of pleurodesis in the management of recurrent pleural effusion?

6. In a patient with pleural effusion, what finding on percussion of the chest is typically observed?

7. Which imaging technique is considered the gold standard for diagnosing pleural effusion?

8. What characteristic of pleural fluid is suggestive of an exudative effusion?

9. Which condition is most likely to result in a transudative pleural effusion?

10. For a patient with malignant pleural effusion, what is a common treatment to relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence?