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SQL NVL Function Quiz

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1. What does the SQL NVL function primarily replace in a query?

2. In which SQL database management system is the NVL function specifically available?

3. What type of data can the NVL function replace the NULL with?

4. Which statement correctly illustrates the use of the NVL function in SQL?

5. What is the main difference between the NVL function and the COALESCE function in SQL?

6. When using the NVL function, what must be ensured about the replacement value and the original value?

7. Which of the following is a plausible reason to use the NVL function in a SELECT statement?

8. How does the NVL function behave when applied to a column that contains no NULL values?

9. In terms of performance, when is it advisable to use the NVL function?

10. What best defines the role of the NVL function in SQL from a data analysis perspective?