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Lisinopril Knowledge Test Quiz

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1. What class of medication does Lisinopril belong to?

2. What is the primary indication for prescribing Lisinopril?

3. Aside from hypertension, for which other condition is Lisinopril commonly prescribed?

4. How does Lisinopril aid in renal protection for patients with diabetes?

5. What common side effect should patients be informed about when starting Lisinopril?

6. Why is Lisinopril contraindicated in pregnancy?

7. Lisinopril can cause a potentially life-threatening condition characterized by swelling of the face, lips, and/or throat. What is this condition called?

8. Which substance should be avoided or monitored when taking Lisinopril due to the risk of increased blood potassium levels?

9. What is Lisinopril's mechanism of action?

10. Lisinopril is sometimes used in combination with other medications for better blood pressure management. Which of the following is NOT a common combination?