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Understanding Third World Countries Quiz

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1. What term historically categorizes countries aligned neither with NATO nor the Communist Bloc during the Cold War?

2. Which metric is commonly used to differentiate Third World countries from Developed countries?

3. What index measures a country's average achievements in three basic dimensions of human development: health, education, and standard of living?

4. How has globalization affected Third World countries?

5. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic commonly associated with Third World countries?

6. In the context of the modern global economy, what term is more commonly used instead of 'Third World'?

7. What theoretical framework argues that First World countries exploit Third World countries through capitalism, ultimately inhibiting their development?

8. Which of the following countries was historically considered a 'Third World' country, but has experienced significant economic growth and development in recent decades?

9. What is a common criticism of using the term 'Third World' in contemporary discourse?

10. Which initiative, aimed at improving trade relations, has been notably beneficial for many Third World countries?