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Behavioral Management Theory Quiz

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1. What theory posits that employees are motivated not just by money but also by social and psychological factors?

2. Which leadership style, according to Kurt Lewin's framework, involves making decisions without consulting team members?

3. According to Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory, which of the following is considered a 'Hygiene' factor?

4. What concept describes the process of dividing organizational tasks into separate jobs?

5. Which approach in behavioral management theory emphasizes understanding human behavior, needs, and attitudes in the workplace?

6. The 'Hawthorne Effect' is best described as:

7. According to Douglas McGregor, Theory X managers are likely to believe that:

8. The concept of 'group dynamics' within behavioral management theory primarily focuses on:

9. Which theory asserts that the work environment should be tailored to fit individual employee preferences for maximum productivity?

10. Leadership style that focuses on building relationships and motivating employees by aligning individual and organizational goals is known as: