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The Declaratory Act of 1766 Quiz

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1. What year was the Declaratory Act passed by the British Parliament?

2. What did the Declaratory Act state regarding the British Parliament's authority over the American colonies?

3. Which act was repealed on the same day that the Declaratory Act was passed, leading to mixed reactions in the colonies?

4. How did the American colonies generally react to the Declaratory Act?

5. In relation to the Declaratory Act, which concept was a point of contention between the American colonies and Britain?

6. Which of the following was NOT a direct consequence of the Declaratory Act?

7. Before the Declaratory Act, which act imposed a direct tax on the colonies, sparking widespread protest?

8. What was the primary purpose of the Declaratory Act from the perspective of the British Parliament?

9. Which colonial leader was notably vocal in opposition to the Declaratory Act?

10. What was a significant impact of the Declaratory Act on the relationship between the American colonies and Britain?