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Andrea Yates Case Overview Quiz

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1. What was the main defense argument used by Andrea Yates's legal team during her trial?

2. In what year did Andrea Yates commit the crime for which she was later tried?

3. Where did the crime committed by Andrea Yates take place?

4. Which of the following was a significant factor that influenced Andrea Yates's mental health and actions according to trial testimonies and evidence?

5. What was the outcome of Andrea Yates's initial trial in 2002?

6. What was the outcome of Andrea Yates's retrial in 2006?

7. How many children did Andrea Yates have at the time of the crime?

8. Which court overturned Andrea Yates's initial conviction?

9. What pivotal role did Dr. Park Dietz play in the case against Andrea Yates?

10. After her retrial, to what facility was Andrea Yates committed?