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Cultural Deviance Theory Quiz

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1. Cultural Deviance Theory suggests that conformity to the prevailing cultural norms of lower-class society leads to:

2. According to Cultural Deviance Theory, what role does social structure play in influencing an individual's behavior?

3. Which of the following best describes the source of deviant behavior according to Cultural Deviance Theory?

4. Cultural Deviance Theory is most closely associated with which of the following sociological perspectives?

5. How does Cultural Deviance Theory explain the prevalence of crime in certain communities?

6. Which of the following is NOT a criticism of Cultural Deviance Theory?

7. Cultural Deviance Theory overlaps with which other theory that also examines the influence of societal structures on individual behavior?

8. What is emphasised by Cultural Deviance Theory's view on crime and deviance?

9. In the context of Cultural Deviance Theory, what is the significance of 'subcultures'?

10. According to Cultural Deviance Theory, how does economic status influence crime rates?