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Java Max and Min Values Quiz

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1. What is the maximum value of an int in Java?

2. What keyword would you use to find the smaller of two float values in Java?

3. Which of the following is NOT a correct way to assign the maximum integer value in Java?

4. To accurately represent very large or very small floating point numbers, which data type should you choose in Java?

5. How would you obtain the minimum value of a byte in Java?

6. Which method would you use to find the maximum value between three double values in Java?

7. What is the correct value of Double.MIN_VALUE in Java?

8. Which Java data type has the largest maximum positive value?

9. What is the result of this Java statement: float result = Math.max(Float.MIN_VALUE, 0.0f)?

10. If you want to ensure that a variable in Java can hold any integer value without loss of precision, which data type would you choose?