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Understanding Methods of Job Design Quiz

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1. What method of job design involves systematically moving employees from one task to another to add variety and reduce monotony?

2. Which job design method aims at increasing the number of tasks in a job to encourage motivation and satisfaction?

3. What focuses on redesigning a job to give employees more responsibility, recognition, and opportunities for growth?

4. Which method is characterized by granting employees the freedom to schedule their own work hours within certain boundaries?

5. What job design technique allows employees to work from a location outside of the corporate office, often from home?

6. What job design approach emphasizes the creation of highly cohesive work groups responsible for completing an entire piece of work?

7. Which job design concept involves the integration of technology and social systems within the workplace?

8. What is an employee-focused approach to job design that incorporates their individual strengths, needs, and preferences?

9. Which technique involves increasing the depth of a job to give employees more control over their work?

10. What method allows employees to take on more tasks at the same hierarchical level to make work more interesting?