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The Color of Law Quiz

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1. What is the primary focus of 'The Color of Law'?

2. Which government practice, highlighted in 'The Color of Law', involved refusing to insure mortgages in or near African-American neighborhoods?

3. According to 'The Color of Law', how did zoning laws contribute to racial segregation?

4. What term does 'The Color of Law' use to describe the federal policy of promoting white suburban growth while neglecting urban areas?

5. According to 'The Color of Law', what was a major consequence of the practices of redlining and discriminatory zoning?

6. What legal decision does 'The Color of Law' cite as having validated racial zoning ordinances, before being overturned?

7. 'The Color of Law' demonstrates how New Deal policies unintentionally contributed to segregation. Which program is specifically highlighted for its role in this process?

8. What does 'The Color of Law' identify as a primary factor contributing to modern urban gentrification?

9. In 'The Color of Law', how does Richard Rothstein argue that segregation was a result of?

10. What solution does 'The Color of Law' propose to address the consequences of historical housing segregation policies?