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Structure of Gynoecium Quiz

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1. What is the primary function of the gynoecium in angiosperms?

2. How many carpels does a monocarpous gynoecium have?

3. Which part of the gynoecium encloses the ovules?

4. In a syncarpous gynoecium, what is the characteristic feature?

5. What term describes the stalk that connects the ovary to the rest of the flower?

6. Which part of the gynoecium is responsible for receiving pollen?

7. What is the term for a gynoecium that consists of more than one carpel, but the carpels are not fused?

8. Which structure develops into a fruit after fertilization?

9. In terms of gynoecium anatomy, what does the term 'placentation' refer to?

10. What is the purpose of the ovule within the gynoecium?