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Types of Organizational Values Quiz

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1. What type of organizational values serve as the ethical compass guiding all actions and decisions within a company?

2. Which organizational values are desirable but currently lacking in the company?

3. What type of values are minimum behavioral standards required to be considered for a position in the company?

4. Which values emerge over time in an organization without being formally stated or chosen by leadership?

5. Values that every employee must accept to be part of an organization are known as what?

6. What best describes core values in an organization?

7. What defines the values a company aims to achieve but has not yet obtained?

8. Which values do not necessarily align with a company's desired identity but influence its culture?

9. Which organizational values reflect the minimum behavior expected from employees, but do not define the company’s core identity?

10. What term is given to values that a company truly stands for and are evident in every action it takes?