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Honors Biology Quiz for Undergraduates Quiz

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1. Which of the following organelles is responsible for protein synthesis?

2. The process by which a population's inherited traits change over time is known as:

3. Which molecule serves as the primary energy currency in cells?

4. In Mendelian genetics, what ratio of phenotypes would be expected in the offspring of a monohybrid cross between two heterozygous parents?

5. Which of the following is NOT a function of the plasma membrane?

6. Which biological molecule is primarily involved in speeding up (catalyzing) chemical reactions in the body?

7. The principle of natural selection was proposed by:

8. Photosynthesis primarily occurs in which part of a plant cell?

9. What type of bond is formed when electrons are shared between atoms?

10. Which cycle describes the process through which nitrogen is converted into compounds that can be utilized by living organisms?