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Cyclothymic Disorder Quiz

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1. What is Cyclothymic Disorder primarily characterized by?

2. Which of the following is NOT a treatment option for Cyclothymic Disorder?

3. For a diagnosis of Cyclothymic Disorder, symptoms must persist for at least how many years in adults?

4. Cyclothymic Disorder often goes undiagnosed because its symptoms

5. Which of the following is a common misconception about Cyclothymic Disorder?

6. Cyclothymic Disorder is seen as a precursor or subthreshold form of

7. What differentiates Cyclothymic Disorder from Bipolar I and II Disorders?

8. Which age group is Cyclothymic Disorder most commonly diagnosed in?

9. One of the challenges in treating Cyclothymic Disorder is that patients

10. Which therapeutic approach focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns associated with Cyclothymic Disorder?