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Otosclerosis: Characteristics and Treatment Quiz

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1. What is the primary symptom of otosclerosis that leads patients to seek medical attention?

2. Which audiometric finding is most characteristic of otosclerosis?

3. What is the goal of treatment for otosclerosis?

4. Which surgical procedure is most commonly recommended for the treatment of otosclerosis?

5. What non-surgical treatment option is available for patients with otosclerosis?

6. In patients with otosclerosis, fluoride therapy is thought to

7. Why might a patient with otosclerosis experience a sensation of vertigo?

8. What is a critical factor to consider before recommending stapedotomy for otosclerosis?

9. What is the effect of otosclerosis on the stapes bone?

10. Which of the following is NOT a common risk factor for developing otosclerosis?