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Kulaks and Dekulakization: An Overview Quiz

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1. What term was used in Soviet Russia to describe a class of wealthy peasants who owned larger farms and employed labor?

2. What was the primary aim of dekulakization in the Soviet Union?

3. During which period did the most intense phase of dekulakization occur in the Soviet Union?

4. How were kulaks primarily identified for dekulakization by Soviet authorities?

5. What was a common consequence faced by kulaks during dekulakization?

6. Which Soviet leader is most associated with the policy of dekulakization?

7. What was the primary effect of dekulakization on the Soviet agricultural sector?

8. What ideology motivated the Soviet government's policy of dekulakization?

9. In the context of dekulakization, what was a 'kulak' primarily accused of by Soviet authorities?

10. Which of the following was NOT a method used in the process of dekulakization?