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Recency Effect Knowledge Quiz

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1. What does the recency effect suggest about the items at the end of a list?

2. Which of the following is NOT implicated in the underlying mechanism of the recency effect?

3. In an experiment demonstrating the recency effect, removing the delay between the presentation of the last item and the recall task would likely result in:

4. Which theory best explains the recency effect in memory?

5. How does the presentation speed of items affect the recency effect?

6. The recency effect is diminished when participants are asked to perform a distractor task before recall. What does this suggest about the effect?

7. Which experimental finding supports the existence of the recency effect in memory recall?

8. Why does the recency effect often diminish in recall tests conducted long after learning?

9. Which type of memory is most closely associated with the recency effect?

10. In terms of the serial position effect, the recency effect is observed when items are: