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Worth Publishers Psychology Quiz

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1. Which stage of cognitive development, according to Jean Piaget, is characterized by abstract thinking and hypothetical reasoning?

2. B.F. Skinner is renowned for his work in which area of psychology?

3. In the context of social psychology, what does the 'bystander effect' demonstrate?

4. Which theory suggests that psychological disorders can result from the combination of biological predispositions and stressful conditions?

5. What is the term for the cognitive shortcut that involves making a decision based on the first example that comes to mind?

6. In Freudian psychoanalysis, what is the part of the personality that operates on the 'pleasure principle'?

7. Which phenomenon describes the improved recall of specific events or information when the context present at encoding and retrieval are the same?

8. What concept describes the observation that tasks performed with others are generally performed more poorly than those performed alone, due to decreased motivation?

9. Which principle states that individuals are more likely to remember unusual, contradictory, or unexpected events than routine events?

10. Which theory proposes that our emotions are the result of our interpretations of our bodily reactions to stimuli?