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Complicit Masculinity Quiz

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1. What does 'complicit masculinity' refer to in the context of gender studies?

2. Which sociologist is most associated with the concept of hegemonic masculinity, which is closely related to complicit masculinity?

3. How does complicit masculinity contribute to the perpetuation of gender inequalities?

4. In what way does complicit masculinity differ from hegemonic masculinity?

5. What theoretical concept explains the range of masculinities that exist beyond hegemonic or dominant forms?

6. Which of the following best describes the societal impact of complicit masculinity?

7. How might complicit masculinity be observed in a workplace setting?

8. What role does complicit masculinity play in the concept of the 'patriarchal dividend'?

9. In the context of complicit masculinity, what does the term 'patriarchal bargain' refer to?

10. What potential criticism exists regarding the concept of complicit masculinity?