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Spanish Verb 'Ganar' Quiz

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1. What is the present tense conjugation of 'ganar' for 'yo' (I)?

2. Choose the correct past tense (preterite) form of 'ganar' for 'él/ella' (he/she).

3. How do you say 'We will win' in Spanish?

4. Select the correct negative imperative form of 'ganar' for 'tú' (you, informal).

5. What is the subjunctive present tense form of 'ganar' for 'ellos/ellas' (they)?

6. Identify the correct form of 'ganar' used in a conditional sentence for 'yo' (I).

7. Choose the correct present perfect form of 'ganar' for 'tú' (you, informal).

8. Select the correct future perfect form of 'ganar' for 'nosotros' (we).

9. What is the indicative past perfect form of 'ganar' for 'él/ella' (he/she)?

10. How do you express 'They had won' in Spanish using the pluperfect subjunctive?