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Human Geography of North America Quiz

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1. Which city is considered the cultural and economic center of the "Silicon Valley" region, known for its significant impact on the global technology industry?

2. What factor is most closely associated with the urban sprawl seen in many North American cities?

3. Which river forms part of the border between the United States and Mexico?

4. What is a major cause of urban gentrification in North American cities?

5. Which North American country has the highest population density?

6. What is the primary reason for the seasonal migration of agricultural workers within North America?

7. Which North American region is known for its French-speaking population and distinct cultural identity?

8. What major geographic feature dominates the western landscape of the United States and Canada?

9. Which of the following is a key characteristic of post-industrial cities in North America?

10. What demographic trend is most associated with the suburbs of major North American cities?