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Barringer Crater (Meteor Crater) Quiz

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1. Where is the Barringer Crater (Meteor Crater) located?

2. Barringer Crater is a well-known example of what kind of geological formation?

3. Which mining engineer gave his name to the Barringer Crater?

4. Approximately how old is the Barringer Crater?

5. What element, which is rare on Earth's surface but commonly found in meteors, was discovered in abundance in the Barringer Crater?

6. What was the estimated size of the meteoroid that created the Barringer Crater?

7. Which scientific American organization maintains the Barringer Crater as a research site?

8. What is the diameter of the Barringer Crater?

9. What was the early belief regarding the origin of the Barringer Crater before the meteor impact theory was accepted?

10. What feature distinguishes the Barringer Crater from most other impact craters on Earth?