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Kernicterus Knowledge Quiz

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1. What is the primary cause of kernicterus in newborns?

2. Which part of the brain is most affected by kernicterus?

3. What type of eye movement abnormalities is associated with kernicterus?

4. What is the hallmark symptom of kernicterus in an infant?

5. How is kernicterus typically prevented in newborns?

6. What treatment is most effective for reducing bilirubin levels in newborns at risk for kernicterus?

7. What is the underlying mechanism of bilirubin-induced neurotoxicity in kernicterus?

8. Which population is most at risk for developing kernicterus?

9. What is the role of blood exchange transfusion in the treatment of kernicterus?

10. At what age does kernicterus typically present symptoms in affected infants?