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Mr. Jaggers in Great Expectations Quiz

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1. What is Mr. Jaggers' profession in Great Expectations?

2. Which character in Great Expectations is employed by Mr. Jaggers as his housekeeper?

3. In Great Expectations, how does Mr. Jaggers influence Pip's life?

4. What notable habit does Mr. Jaggers have that is often highlighted in Great Expectations?

5. Who commissioned Mr. Jaggers to be Pip's guardian in Great Expectations?

6. What is a defining characteristic of Mr. Jaggers' office in Great Expectations?

7. In Great Expectations, Mr. Jaggers is known for his involvement in which of the following activities?

8. How does Mr. Jaggers display his power and influence in Great Expectations?

9. What is Mr. Jaggers' relationship with Wemmick, his clerk, in Great Expectations?

10. Which character in Great Expectations does Mr. Jaggers advise against forming a romantic involvement with?