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Virginia Pearson CNA Certification Quiz

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1. Which of the following is a primary responsibility of a CNA working in Virginia?

2. Under Virginia law, which of the following is true about patient rights?

3. Which statement best describes the Virginia Pearson CNA’s role in infection control?

4. What is the importance of the Virginia Pearson CNA practicing effective communication skills?

5. How should a Virginia Pearson CNA respond if they notice a discrepancy in a patient's medication?

6. Which technique is essential for a Virginia Pearson CNA to master to prevent back injuries during patient transfers?

7. When documenting patient care, what is a crucial guideline for a Virginia Pearson CNA to follow?

8. What ethical principle is primarily concerned with a Virginia Pearson CNA respecting patient confidentiality?

9. What is the primary reason for a Virginia Pearson CNA to observe and report changes in a patient's condition?

10. Which action best demonstrates a CNA’s commitment to upholding medical ethics in Virginia?