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Types and Functions of Optical Drives Quiz

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1. What is the primary function of an optical drive in a computer system?

2. Which optical drive type can store more data than a standard DVD, but less than a Blu-ray disc?

3. In the context of optical drives, what does the 'RW' in DVD-RW and CD-RW stand for?

4. What technology do Blu-ray discs utilize to achieve higher data storage capacity compared to DVDs?

5. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic feature of a CD-ROM?

6. Which optical drive type is specifically designed for high-definition video playback?

7. Optical drives that can only read discs are referred to as:

8. The process of writing data onto a blank optical disc is known as:

9. Which of the following optical disc types is known for its large storage capacity and is often used for data backup and archival purposes?

10. A CD-ROM typically has a storage capacity close to: