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Phase Changes in Heat Transfer Quiz

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1. What term describes the amount of energy required for a substance to change from solid to liquid at its melting point without changing its temperature?

2. During which phase change does the entropy of a system decrease?

3. What is the phase change when a liquid turns into a gas below its boiling point?

4. Which quantity remains constant during a phase change at a constant pressure?

5. What is the primary mechanism of heat transfer during the condensation of water vapor on a cold surface?

6. In the context of phase changes, what does the term 'latent heat' refer to?

7. Which process describes the transformation of a gas directly into a solid without passing through the liquid phase?

8. What is the heat of vaporization?

9. Which phase change is endothermic, involving the absorption of heat?

10. What occurs during the boiling of a liquid?