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Understanding Pluto's Moons Quiz

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1. What is the largest moon of Pluto?

2. Which of the following moons of Pluto was discovered first?

3. In what year were Styx and Kerberos, two of Pluto's moons, discovered?

4. What is distinct about the Pluto-Charon system compared to other planet-moon systems?

5. Which instrument was used to discover most of Pluto's moons?

6. How many known moons does Pluto have?

7. Are all of Pluto's moons named after mythological figures associated with the underworld?

8. What spacecraft provided our most detailed views of Pluto and its moons?

9. Which of Pluto's moons has an extremely irregular shape?

10. What makes the orbits of Pluto's smaller moons unique?