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Regulation Knowledge Check Quiz

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1. Which agency is responsible for the regulation of interstate communications in the United States?

2. What does the term 'regulatory capture' refer to?

3. Which U.S. law, passed in 2002, was aimed at improving corporate governance and enhancing the accuracy of financial reporting?

4. Which environmental law requires federal agencies to evaluate the environmental impacts of their actions before making decisions?

5. What is the primary purpose of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)?

6. Under which legal framework would a company most likely be held liable for a data breach involving customer information?

7. What regulatory principle is based on the idea that monopoly providers of certain essential services should be subjected to government oversight to protect consumers?

8. Which act is a cornerstone of U.S. antitrust law, prohibiting monopolies and attempts to monopolize trade?

9. What is the primary focus of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding public health?

10. `Regulatory compliance' refers to the actions taken by organizations to: