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Bertrand Russell's 'The Problems of Philosophy' Quiz

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1. What is the main focus of 'The Problems of Philosophy'?

2. According to Russell, what is 'appearance'?

3. What does Russell suggest is necessary for obtaining knowledge?

4. How does Russell view the relation between appearance and reality?

5. In 'The Problems of Philosophy,' Russell discusses the role of doubt in philosophical inquiry. What is one of the potential benefits of doubt, according to Russell?

6. Which of the following best summarizes Russell's view on the value of philosophy?

7. What distinction does Russell make between 'knowledge by acquaintance' and 'knowledge by description'?

8. According to Russell, what role do sense-data play in our perception of reality?

9. How does Russell address the question of the existence of the external world?

10. Russell's discussion of 'idealism' in 'The Problems of Philosophy' primarily concerns which of the following?