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Understanding Wergild in Beowulf: A Quiz

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1. What is 'wergild' as it appears in the epic poem Beowulf?

2. How does wergild play a role in the resolution of feuds in 'Beowulf'?

3. Which character in 'Beowulf' is directly associated with the practice of paying wergild?

4. In the context of 'Beowulf,' what significance does wergild have in Anglo-Saxon society?

5. How does the payment of wergild contribute to the story arc of 'Beowulf'?

6. What role does wergild play in the relationship between Beowulf and Hrothgar?

7. Which of the following best describes the impact of wergild on the plot development of 'Beowulf'?

8. What is the primary reason for the inclusion of wergild in 'Beowulf'?

9. What is a potential consequence of not paying wergild in the society depicted in 'Beowulf'?

10. How does 'Beowulf' depict the societal attitudes towards wergild?