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Nuclear Reactions Quiz

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1. Which process involves the splitting of a nucleus into two smaller nuclei, accompanied by the release of a large amount of energy?

2. In a nuclear reaction, which of the following is conserved?

3. What is required to initiate a nuclear fusion reaction?

4. Which term describes the process by which certain unstable atomic nuclei lose energy by emitting radiation in a spontaneous process?

5. Which statement best describes the principle of a chain reaction in nuclear fission?

6. Which type of nuclear reaction involves two light nuclei combining to form a heavier nucleus?

7. What is produced as a byproduct of nuclear fusion in the sun?

8. Which particle is often emitted during beta decay?

9. What type of nuclear reaction involves a neutron being absorbed into a nucleus, leading to the nucleus becoming more unstable or splitting?

10. Which phenomenon is observed when an unstable atomic nucleus loses energy by emitting a gamma ray without changing its atomic number or mass number?