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Yama: The Hindu God of Death Mythology Quiz

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1. Who is Yama primarily known as in Hindu mythology?

2. What is another name for Yama that signifies his role as the controller of dharma?

3. According to Hindu mythology, who is Yama's twin sister?

4. In which sacred text is Yama first mentioned?

5. What animal is often associated with Yama as his mount?

6. Which figure is considered the first mortal and the first to die, thereby becoming the ruler of the dead in Hindu mythology?

7. Who is recognized as the father of Yama in Hindu mythology?

8. Which realm does Yama preside over as the god of death?

9. What is the name of Yama's abode where the dead are judged?

10. Which celestial river is said to flow through Yama's realm?