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Young Theodore Roosevelt Quiz

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1. What significant health challenge did Theodore Roosevelt face in his youth?

2. Theodore Roosevelt's father played a pivotal role in his life. What was one key advice his father gave him regarding his health?

3. Which of the following is NOT true about young Theodore Roosevelt's education?

4. Before becoming President, Theodore Roosevelt was noted for his service with the Rough Riders during which conflict?

5. Which university did young Theodore Roosevelt attend, where he was a member of the boxing team?

6. During his youth, Theodore Roosevelt developed a passion that later significantly influenced his presidency. What was this passion?

7. What personal tragedy struck Theodore Roosevelt on February 14, 1884?

8. To cope with the grief from his personal tragedy in 1884, Roosevelt retreated to a place where he could immerse himself in physical and ranching activities. Where did he go?

9. Which of the following books did a young Theodore Roosevelt publish, reflecting his early interest in nature and history?

10. In his early political career, Theodore Roosevelt held which of the following positions in New York?