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Ancient Greek Calendar History Facts Quiz

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1. What type of calendar did the ancient Greeks primarily use?

2. What was the name of the ancient Greek calendar used in Athens?

3. Who was Meton and what was his contribution to the ancient Greek calendar?

4. During the ancient Greek era, how were years typically counted?

5. What purpose did the intercalary month serve in the ancient Greek calendar?

6. How did the ancient Greeks determine the beginning of a new month?

7. Which festival marked the start of the new year in the Attic calendar?

8. Which ancient Greek city-state had its own unique calendar that differed from the Attic calendar?

9. In the context of the ancient Greek calendar, what is an 'epagomenal' day?

10. Which ancient Greek scholar is credited with devising a calendar that added an extra month every second year to align the lunar and solar years?