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Characteristics of Reform Judaism Quiz

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1. What principle of Reform Judaism emphasizes the individual's autonomy in interpreting religious texts?

2. Which aspect of Reform Judaism focuses on adapting Jewish tradition to contemporary values and knowledge?

3. Reform Judaism is known for its inclusivity. Which group has it historically made efforts to more fully include within the Jewish community?

4. Which Reform Judaism characteristic emphasizes the pursuit of social justice and righteousness?

5. In Reform Judaism, how is the role of Hebrew in liturgy viewed?

6. What does Reform Judaism emphasize regarding the interpretation of Jewish law (Halacha)?

7. How does Reform Judaism view the authority of traditional Jewish texts?

8. Reform Judaism encourages active engagement with external cultures and knowledge. This stance is best described as:

9. In Reform Judaism, emphasis on ethical deeds over ritual observance is known as:

10. What distinguishes Reform Judaism's stance on gender equality within religious practices?