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Hansberry v. Lee (1940) Case Quiz

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1. What was the main legal issue in Hansberry v. Lee?

2. Who was Hansberry in the case of Hansberry v. Lee?

3. What legal doctrine was challenged by the Supreme Court's decision in Hansberry v. Lee?

4. In what year did the Supreme Court deliver its decision on Hansberry v. Lee?

5. How did the Supreme Court's decision in Hansberry v. Lee impact future civil rights cases?

6. What outcome did the Supreme Court's decision directly lead to in the Hansberry v. Lee case?

7. Which Constitutional amendment was commonly associated with the issues raised in Hansberry v. Lee?

8. Before reaching the Supreme Court, in which court was Hansberry v. Lee initially litigated?

9. Which of the following best describes the nature of restrictive covenants addressed in Hansberry v. Lee?

10. What broader social issue does the Hansberry v. Lee case highlight?