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Test Your Knowledge on the Ten Gurus of Sikhism Quiz

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1. Who was the first Guru of Sikhism, known for starting the Sikh faith?

2. Which Guru established the city of Amritsar?

3. Who compiled the Adi Granth, the primary scripture of Sikhism?

4. Which Guru introduced the concept of martyrdom into Sikhism?

5. Who was the last of the ten Gurus of Sikhism, known for founding the Khalsa in 1699?

6. Which Guru is associated with the Golden Temple's construction?

7. Who succeeded Guru Nanak Dev Ji as the second Guru of Sikhism?

8. Which Guru established the concept of Langar, or community kitchen, within Sikhism?

9. Who was the Guru known for his deep spirituality and miraculous healing powers?

10. Which Guru passed away at a very young age, becoming known as the 'Child Guru'?